Dental Teeth Trainer for Alignment for Adults

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How to Use ?
1. In beginning, wearing time should not be too long. It can be gradually increased and gradually adjusted.
2. Eg. wear it for 2 minutes for the first time, 5 minutes for the second time, 10 minutes for the third time and half an hour for the fourth time. Slowly increase the wearing time. Adjust the time according to your adaptive ability.
3. If you feel discomfort or pain in your teeth, take it down, have a rest, and then wear it again.
4. Don’t bite your teeth hard at first
5. Wear it for 1~2 hours during the day after adaptation. After the teeth get used to the braces, the use time can be increased.

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  • Complete Set - 3 Phase
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Phase 1: correcting the tooth surface

Hardness: soft
Service life: 1-2 months
Function: Used to accommodate orthotics and primary orthotics

Phase 2: root correction
Hardness: Moderate
Service life: 2-3 months
Function: to further adapt to orthotics and enhance the correction effect

Phase 3: consolidation and shaping
Hardness: Hard
Service life: 3-6 months
Function: Increase correction strength for later shaping.

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